25 Regrets People Always Have On Their Deathbeds

25 Regrets People Always Have On Their Deathbeds

25 Regrets people always have on their deathbeds is a very revealing tale that you need to be aware of.

People often times plunder through life only to get to the end and realize that they didn’t live it well! it is very saddening and regretful but that is what it is and the sad part is that you really can’t do much about anything because you can’t rewind time.

SO, it makes sense that this post is up so that you can learn from the mistakes of others and hopeful live your life better. And please do your friends and family a good gesture by shearing and retweeting this post to keep them informed, they will love you more for it 😀.

Below are the major regrets people have and usually wish they had taken care of before it was too late!

  1. They wished they had been more loving to their family like they really wanted.

2. They wish they had asked someone they loved out or to marry them.

3. They wish they had taken more risk.

4. They wish they had lived the kind of life they desired.

5. They wish they had done more for others they cared about.

6. They wish they had done something special for the world to remember them after they are gone.

7. They wish they had not worked too hard and rather had created more meaningful relationships.

8. They wish they had stood up to does that had oppressed or marginalized them in any way.

9. They wished they had turned off their phones more and stayed out of the constant distractions.

10. They wish they had left a bad relationship early.

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11. They wish they had not worried too much about what other people think of them.

12. They wish they had more confidence in themselves.

13. They wish they had started a business they had in mind.

14. They wish they had lived the life they wanted and not the one their parents wanted for them.

15. They wish they had been happier and not taken life too serious

16. They wish they had left something substantial behind for their family to have a better life when they are gone.

17. They wish they had traveled more and gone on different adventures.

18. They wish they had squashed whatever grievances they had with friends and family.

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19. They wish they had trusted their gut and inner feeling more.

20. They wish they had not gotten involved with the wrong people that affected them negatively.

21. They wish they had gotten a particular education or degree they wanted.

22. They wish they had chosen the kind of job they really wanted versus the one that paid more.

23. They wish they had spent more time with their kids.

24. They wish they had taken care of their health more when they had the chance.

25. They wish they had been more outspoken about what they wanted or believed in.

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Are you currently having challenge in any of these mentioned areas?

Maybe it’s time for you to reevaluate your actions and make the necessary adjustments so that you will not have these regrets at the end of your life.

If perhaps you have some you will want to share please leave them in the comments section.

I wish you more HAPPINESS than you can imagine.


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