3 workers suspended for creating and getting drunk in a ‘man cave’ under a rail track

Three men who found a storage room under track 114, kept the secret to themselves.

After finding the secret room, they proceeded to furnish it with Television, fridge, microwave and a sofa, and have been chilling out in the cosy lot.

However, an anonymous saw them and have reported to the authorities that they used to get drunk and play music in the room.

The three men have now been suspended and accused of actually creating the ‘ man cave ‘ underneath Track 114 of the New York Grand Central Station.

Upon investigation, it looks like they were actually using the place to hide away when they are supposed to be working.

One of them is a carpenter foreman, the other a wireman and the last an electrical foreman, a complete squad if I will say.

The room was deemed to be a fire hazard, because it’s not in the map and will be difficult to find in the case of any emergency.

The accused workers have been suspended without pay and are to face a disciplinary action from the authorities.

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