5 High Paying Affiliate Programs You Need to Join

5 High Paying Affiliate Programs You Need to Join
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In affiliate marketing, the amount of energy that will make you $10, if well optimized can also make you $1000, so finding and promoting high paying affiliates programs is a winner.

The difference between the person who made ten bucks from the person who made ten grands is just a matter of decision.

As you will find out that often than not it takes a lot of energy and convincing to convert even a small prospect.

That is why I will like to encourage you as an affiliate marketer to start looking in the direction of partnering with high paying affiliate marketing programs.

The beauty of this strategy will be that, you will end up making money with the same effort that would have made you less hitherto.

It is for this reason that I have put together a list of 5 high paying affiliate programs that you should check out.


Shopify has in a good way positioned itself as a leading E-commerce Platform on the web today. It is used by many drop shippers and even by some big and fast-growing companies.

The concept of Shopify is a well-accepted one because it makes setting up an e-commerce website very easy and fast. This is the main reason why the service will always be appreciated.

If you are looking for a good affiliate marketing program that you want to promote with a decent commission, Shopify might just be for you.

One fascinating thing about Shopify is that it pays its affiliates a 200% commission for any successful referral.

This is actually only possible if the referred customer renews their subscription for the second time.

So, the first and second subscription fee usually goes to the affiliate who made the sale.

This is a very rare model, and that is why many content creators on different platforms like YouTube, blogs and other relevant channels are promoting it.

The subscription ranges from about $29 for basic plan up to $299 for the advanced plan.

If you happen to refer a client for the advanced plan, you will be on your way to make close to $600 in two months. Sounds interesting right?

However, you have to have a relevant channel and a substantial amount of audience for you to be approved. So, go and give it a try, it might be worth the stress.


eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform on financial market.

The platform allows its users to copy portfolios and trades from other members of its community.

The eToro affiliate program has a multitude of possible ways to promote the program for referrals.

You can make use of any of the methods: Banner, Text link and Deep link, widgets, landing pages and automatic upsells.

The program pays a base 25% revenue share or $400 DCPA. And a 25% revenue share is paid for those referring brokers to the program.

The program also includes a way to earn through a second-tier referral program and income generation as a ‘Popular Investor’.


With Kinsta you will earn a commission after every referral, depending on the plan you refer you can earn between $50 to $500 after every signup.

The company does a great a job of providing 60-days tracking cookies to ensure that you get credited for anyone that you referred to the site, even if they failed to sign up immediately.

This is actually very important and it encourages affiliates to continue to refer people to the website even if they don’t convert right away.

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Unlike Amazon that only tracks cookies for 24-hours. Although Amazon conversion rate is very high. Giving the above cookie duration, the earnings will also be paid in a 60-day conversion window.

The commissions are:

  1. Enterprise plans:  $500
  2. Business plans:  $160
  3. Pro plan:  $100
  4. Starter plan:  $50

Also, since the company wants to encourage people to become and remain their affiliates, it also pays out a 10% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer.

Because of this recurring commissions, you can actually calculate your possible yearly commission based on the packages you are able to sell.

You will receive your Payouts through a PayPal accounts each month.

Tai Lopez Affiliates!

Now I know you might not be expecting this, but Tai Lopez offers great commission rates with his affiliate programs.

If you’ve been on the internet enough as much as I think you should have been for wanting to learn about high paying affiliate marketing programs, then I can easily guess you know who is Tai Lopez.

And just in case you didn’t know, Tai Lopez is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and investor with an established brand that reaches millions of people per day.

Tai Lopez is known for his famous “here in my garage” viral video. But he has since proceeded to make a lot of money in the social media space

He has recently started to branch off to make huge acquisitions of offline businesses and bringing them online and also recently he just launched his own NFT project.

If you decide to become an affiliate for his products, you can earn up to 50% commission for a package in the list of his programs.

Every of Tai’s product has been tested and proven to work this is supported by a large number of daily-growing verifiable testimonials online.

It is important for you understand that Tai Lopez’s affiliate program is operated on an entirely different model from other affiliate networks.

For you to be a part of the Tai Lopez affiliate program you have to buy your way in with a sum of $497.

He assures that you will make your money back easily because of the quality of products and resources that you will be given.

The program promises a 60-day money back guarantee if this doesn’t work for you.

What you should expect after you sign up;

  1. Affiliate Marketing Jumpstart ($999 value)
  2. Affiliate Product Selection Formula ($299 value)
  3. Content Marketing 101 & 201 ($499 value)
  4. Paid Advertising Guide ($399 value)
  5. Email Marketing Success ($399 value)
  6. Social Selling 101 & 201 ($499 value)
  7. Power Reseller Tools & Resources ($299 value)
  8. Tai Lopez Product Reseller Rights Silver Level ($997 value)
  9. Bonus: Free Ticket to My in-Person School


For Skillshare affiliate program, you will earn $10 for any new customer that signs up for a premium membership or free trial.

Every affiliates is required to creates their custom account through Impact Radius that will track their referrals in real time.

One hurdle that I know many people have faced with getting approval is traffic potential.

Skillshare requires that you already have a high number of followers on social media or high number of traffic visits to your website before they will approved you.

A referral has up to 30 days from the day they use your link to sign up till the day they decide to purchase a Premium Membership or start a free trial in order for you to qualify for the commission.

On Skillshare, new courses and contents are created each week, so you have an availability of surplus courses to promote.

You can easily earn as much as $300 monthly if you are able to get up 30 people to sign up each month.

More so, you can easily promote this program on almost every channel; Meta, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the rest.

This is so because at some point someone is going to want to learn about something, and if you already have your link on the platform, they most likely will just sign up through it.

Finally, these are some of the affiliate programs that I believe will make you good money in no time if you market them well enough.

However, there are other ones which I will also be writing about later after making confirmed research and testing, stay tuned.

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