A Prolific thief his left name and address at crime scene


A prolific thief as he was described has made a costly mistake in a crime that lead to his capture.

Malcolm Pyke, 43, who broke into a garage in East Herrington, Sunderland has been caught for stealing 150 pounds of cleaning equipment after he had accidentally left a rucksack behind containing his name and address at the crime scene.

He has been jailed for four years, as the information on in his rucksack assisted the police in tracing and nabbing him at his house, where they say the stolen items where left in the open.

The stolen items have have been returned to the owners.

“Malcolm Pyke is a prolific thief who has consistently proven a disregard for the law and the welfare of others.” said the Detective Sergeant Chris Raper-Smith, after Pyke also admitted another burglary as well as two thefts of property in relation to what police have called a “crime spree”

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