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Amelia Hamlin reveals why she got a breast reduction

Amelia Hamlin

Amelia Hamlin has revealed recently why she got a breast reduction surgery as her romance with Scott Disick .

According to the 19-year-old, she said that the incident began when she went to Coachella after having a nipple piercing.

She got pushed by someone and in the process as one of her friend tried to grab her she ended up having the nipple piercing caught.

She had a cut from the incidence which eventually got infected and caused one of her boobs to blow up in size.

Amelia narrates the incidence saying “I had a 104 degree fever…my left boob was out to here, I was 16 and had mastitis, whatever the heck that is. It was the worst thing I’ve ever been through. I went to the emergency room. They told me I had a kidney infection,” Amelia explained, which turned out to be a false diagnosis.

She later went to a special disease doctor and was told that she had to fully get a surgery and a breast reduction.

Skip to 46:01 to her the gist.

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