Android 12 : you can now install apps from third-party stores easily


Following the recent legal tussle between google and Fortnite’s developer Epic Games, Google is making a point to note that its recent Android 12 will make it easier to install apps from third party app stores.

Epic Games had recently sued Google and Apple for removing its game from the Google Play and App store respectively.

The removal of the game by google and apple was prompted by the game company’s  decision to add an alternate billing system to the Android and iOS versions of the game that allowed players to bypass the Google Play and App Store when paying for Fortnite’s in-game V-Bucks currency.

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Google made the point of noting that the new policy will only affect at most three percent of developers with apps on the Play Store, since nearly 97 percent already use Google Play’s billing system to let people pay for their in-app purchases.

Apps like Netflix and Spotify that currently bypass the  requirement of using the Google Play’s billing system for in-app purchases, but rather prompting their customers to pay for subscriptions directly, will by the current policy effectively forced to pay Google’s 30 percent fee on in-app purchases. 

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