Beautiful Coronavirus-Sniffing Dogs can tell if you have COVID – 19 … this is crazy!

Coronavirus-Sniffing Dogs

These Coronavirus-Sniffing Dogs can tell if you have COVID – 19 … this is crazy! It will really be interesting.

Dogs have been known to be more than just pets, they police and even go to wars as bomb squads and now they are also about to take up the role of medical persons.

Just recently in Finland the government has financed a trial to train sniffing dogs on detecting persons who have coronavirus.

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Really, how lovely can this creature be, it is a wonderful pet, and doesn’t hesitate to protect its owners when needed and now it is going to help protect us from the spread of the novel covid-19 what a blessing of a creature.

I don’t personally have a dog now but I am beginning to consider getting one.

The country now has deployed the trained coronavirus-sniffing dogs to begin their job at the Nordic country’s main international airport in a four months trial period.

Four dogs of different breeds that were trained by Finland’s Smell Detection Association started have started work at the Helsinki Airport.

Office time baby 😂

This will serve as an alternative testing method that is geared towards reducing the cost of the current coronavirus testing methods.

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I really do hope that this trial works out well and then hopefully other countries can adopt the same method, at least instead of not testing because of the cost, now we can have the test done at a cheap rate … just feed the dogs.

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My concern is that hope they dogs will not be infected too in the process?

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