Biden Supporters drink champagne from bottles in celebration

A festive atmosphere took over the streets outside the White House on Saturday, as thousands of Joe Biden supporters celebrated and drank champagne from the bottles.

There were cheers, banging on pots, honking of car horns and chanting as they celebrate Biden’s Victory.

As Etienne would note “There is so much misery to expel, so much hatred to get rid of, It’s been four horrible nightmarish years.”

Streets were closed to traffic in the US capital as people kept trooping in with the US flags and LGBTQ flags and many were even putting on the Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

The Associated Press declared Biden the winner of the tightly contested election on Saturday morning, after days of waiting. 

Trump and his supporters have so far resisted the polls citing several cases of frauds and that they are headed to court to seek judgement.

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