Canada may not celebrate Christmas this year if …

Justin Trudeau

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has in a recent statement warned that Christmas with family members this year may be just a fantasy.

This is coming into play as the Covid-19 cases continued to surge in recent times.

Canadians celebrated their thanksgiving on Oct 12, and as friends and families gathered for the celebrations, the country has continued to record high cases of the covid-19 infections.

It is in regards to this occurrences that the PM has said that if the people really want to have a memorable Christmas then they better start adhering to the pandemic prevention policies.

The Prime Minister noted in a recent press conference that “Reducing your contacts, reducing your gatherings are going to be most important. And what we do in the coming days and weeks will determine what we get to do at Christmas,”

Dr. Adalsteinn was quoted saying that “I do not believe there’s a way that the cases will change without action,”

The continuous surge in number of cases have lead many doctors from across Canada to warned that only stricter measures and targeted closures will protect Canada’s hospitals from catastrophe.

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