Canada to return Hindu Goddess Annapoorna stolen a century ago

Canadian University of Regina sets to return a stolen art of Hindu Goddess Annapoorna back to India after 100 years.

This is an act that is seems to be noble and hailed by many as it attempts to right historical wrongs.

The art is said to be among the many things that where stolen during the colonization era.

Of course many things where taking advantage of by the colonial masters in the various regions they occupied and art alone is the only thing.

Many African counties has been making similar request for many years especially to the British museums where some stolen African arts has found there way to, but nothing has happened.

Nigeria seems to be among the many countries that suffered art thefts as is evident in the many Benin Kingdom Arts that are scattered around European museums and even private art galleries that are restricted.

What the Canada is doing is exemplary and we hope that many other arts and articles that are returnable will be reparated to their home of origins.

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