Casey Neistat invests in a $7m tech startup by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pie

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pie who left the company just a few months ago is on to the next big thing having received support from guys like YouTuber Casey Naistat.

In a recent announcement, Carl mentioned that he had completed a $7 million round in seed financing from numerous high profile investors.

The investors list have been said to include friends and private investors like: Steve Huffman CEO of Reddit, Casey Neistat a YouTuber, Kevin Lin Co-founder of Twitch, Liam Casey founder and CEO of PCH, Paddy Cosgrave founder of Web Summit, Josh Buckley CEO of Product Hunt and Tony Fadell Principal of Future shape and investor of the iPod, amongst other.

In the statement he expressed his gratitude for having supporting friends, he said ” I am deeply grateful and tremendously excited to have friends of this calibre supporting us in building what’s next”

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