21 Feb, 2024

Tesla Optimus Gen 2: Everything explained

Tesla Optimus Gen 2 is the latest prototype humanoid robot unveiled by Tesla in December 2023. It is designed to be similar in shape and size to humans and can perform various tasks such as walking, crouching, manipulating eggs without breaking them, and waving their arms.  It has several new features such as Tesla-designed actuators […]

4 mins read

Wireless charging roads: the concept and evolutions

The concept of a wireless charging roads involves the use of inductive charging technology to transfer energy to electric vehicles while they are in motion or stationary.  This technology leverages magnetic resonance induction, where copper coils embedded under the roadway transfer energy to a receiver installed on the electric vehicle.  The system is designed to […]

7 mins read

Who is Aitana Lopez?

Aitana Lopez is a 25-year-old Spanish AI model created by designer Rubén Cruz and his agency, The Clueless. She was developed using artificial intelligence and is not a real person.  Her photoshoots involve AI tools and Photoshop instead of wardrobe changes. Cruz stated, “In the first month, we realized that people follow lives, not images. […]

3 mins read

Amazon Q Chatbot Unveiled at re: Invent Conference

Amazon has unveiled Q, an AI-powered chatbot designed for businesses. Announced at Amazon’s re: Invent conference, Amazon Q is integrated into the AWS Management Console and existing chat and business apps like Slack.  It is designed to answer questions, generate content, and take actions based on an understanding of a company’s systems, data repositories, and […]

5 mins read

Trust wallet launches Browser Extension and Integrates with Binance

Trust wallet is a US founded self-custody crypto wallet that has been around since Nov 2017 and was acquired by Binance in 2018. With the current pandemonium in the crypto space due to the recent collapse of one of the biggest crypto exchanges known as FTX, traditional banks and financial institutions are beginning to draw […]

1 min read
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