Compatible with iphone12/13 series MagSafe refrigerator magnet stick kitchen support gym equipment magnetic support lazy

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① This product is double-sided magnetic design, which can be magnetically adsorbed on refrigerators, kitchenware, fitness equipment, etc

② On the other side, it supports MagSafe magnetism and can directly use iphone12/13 series

③ For non Apple phones, there is a magnetic ring attached, which can be pasted on the back of the phone or on the protective case

④ There are two kinds of magnetic plates attached, one is the magnetic ring, which is suitable for the back of the mobile phone, and the other is the iron plate, which is suitable for non magnetic surfaces such as refrigerators

⑤ Application scenario: you can track dramas, watch short videos, fitness guidance videos, live broadcasts and other fixed supports, which are convenient for disassembly and stable use

[product information]

Product Name: Apple MagSafe double-sided magnetic support

Brand: good partner

Material: aluminum alloy

Accessories: a bracket, a magnetic ring, an iron sheet, and an auxiliary film

Specification: single package

Color: Black

Size: 55*30mm

Weight: 92g (including packaging)

Origin: made in China