Court: Uber is now fit and proper to operate in London


Uber has secured the right to continue its London operation despite its lingering licensing issues with Transport for London (TfL)

The ride hailing company was sided by the judge who upheld the company’s appeal over the TfL’s

According to the new development Uber, which has over 45,000 drivers who use the taxi app in London will be granted a new license to restart it operations in London nearly after a year of been denied license to operate by TfL on the bases of unsatisfactory safety standard.

Uber has on its part has taken reasonable steps to address the regulators concerns, like introducing a random driver checks via facial recognition. It’s also introduced ‘Programme Zero,’ which is an initiative designed to ensure that the company never breaks any of TfL’s conditions.

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According to BBC, the Deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram said he took Uber’s “track-record of regulation breaches” into account but said it had made efforts to address failings and had improved standards.

“Despite their historical failings, I find them, now, to be a fit and proper person to hold a London PHV [private hire vehicle] operator’s licence,” he said.

TfL had in the past raised concerns of safety flaws noticed in the ride hailing app where unauthorized person can upload their photograph to a legitimate drivers account, and this will enable them to pick up a passenger as if they where the one that was summoned.

These and other security flaws as noted lead to TfL giving Uber only two months license with the intension of monitoring its activities and seeing if it improves on its flaws before issuing it a new license, 

However, since that license expired last year TfL has refused to renew it, making it the second time the company will be having issued with license renewal, after a similar issue occurred back in September 2017.

TfL has stated that it is on the basis of  “several breaches that placed passengers and their safety at risk” that it has rejected the company’s application for a license renewal and this prompted Uber to seek redress in court .

So now that the judge has ruled in Uber’s favour, the question is; what will be the duration of the new license that will be issued this time around? 

I think Uber like any other company is evolving and will continue to grow into a more secured and reliable company, so their is hope for greater future.

What do you think? what has been your experience with Uber?

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