Dangerously sleeping while driving at 140kmp/h in Tesla Model S, and this happened!

tesla on highway

Dangerously sleeping while driving at 140kmp/h in Tesla Model S, things can really go bad in a second!

A 20yrs old man has been arrested for sleeping while driving on Autopilot at 140km per hour in his 2019 Tesla Model S.

According to police who said they received the complaint from other road users who said they saw the Tesla Model S vehicle speeding at more than 140km p/h with the front seat completely reclined and both occupants appearing to be asleep.

The driver was charged with dangerous driving and had his license suspended for 24hrs

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The vehicle manufacturer (Tesla) has however, continuously warned that drivers must maintain control of the vehicle while the Autopilot system is in use, because the vehicles are not yet fully autonomous, even though the autopilot can maintain the high way lane and it distance in traffic it still requires attention from the driver.

I really think that they have tried in developing this technology even though it is yet to be fully enabled, but for it to be useful to the extent at which it has been is really commendable.

What do you think of Autopilot becoming the norm on our roads in the near future?

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