Did a 62 years old Python really lay 7 eggs?

Python Eggs

How did a 62 years old Python lay 7 eggs? I was also surprised when I heard of it… read on!

A ball python which is believed to be about 62 years old and identified as number 361003
according to the Saint Louise Zoo where it is been kept was seen clutching around a freshly laid 7 eggs on July 23.

The Zoological Manger of herpetology Mark Wanner had expressed his surprise siting that the female python has not been near a male in more than 15 years.

“It was a surprise. We didn’t expect her to drop another clutch of eggs, honestly,” he said that the keepers had noticed some changes in the snake beforehand, but they were only subtle.

Two of the eggs have been sent out for genetic testing to determine if the eggs were reproduced sexually or asexually and two eggs are said to be dead, while the remaining three are being incubated.

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