Donald Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows test positive for Covid-19

mark meadows

Mark Meadows, the chief of staff to the US President Donald Trump has tested positive to the deadly coronavirus.

Two senior administration officials confirmed the diagnosis to the Associated Press.

This is coming weeks after the President him self tested positive but later recovered from the infection.

It is not clear how he contracted the disease and when, but he has been in contact with many of Trumps supporters during this President Trump re-election campaign.

Just like his boss, he should be headed to quarantine anytime soon.

Recall, that President Trump after contracting the disease was moved to Walter Reeds medical center, were a yet to be released vaccine was administered to treat him of the disease, according he felt so good after the treatment that he wouldn’t mind having more of the drug even after he was treated.

It is still not clear if Mark will get similar treatment, but its likely not going to happen since he does not have the status of Trump to require a special treatment.

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