DRC Army Major Disappears With Salaries for 900 Soldiers

DRC army Major disappears with salaries for 900 Soldiers.

A senior military officer in the Democratic Republic of Congo has disappeared with the salary of 900 soldiers.

Major Sukumi Willy, who is the commander of the 2103 regiment is reported to have disappeared with more than $85,000 an equivalent of 172,287,127Congolese Francs (FC).

The money in question is one that was meant to pay hundreds of soldiers at the frontline battling the ADF Islamist group.

The ADF rebels are said to be responsible for the deaths of more than a thousand civilians in Beni since Oct 2014.

The Beni region is along the Mbau-Kamango axis in North Kivu.

The ADF emanated as a rebel group in Uganda that opposed the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

However, it has since moved into eastern DRC since 1995 during the Congo Wars.

Just last year in October, the Congo army launched an offensive in a bid to uproot all rebels and militia groups operating in the region.

According to local media, Major Sukumi disappeared on 26th October and so far more than three people including his wife and three bodyguards have been arrested.

“He disappeared with the October Salary for around 900 soldiers which was 172,287,127 FC or $85000. So far we have arrested his wife and three of his bodyguards to help in Investigations,” a source was quoted by the local media.

Several soldiers have reportedly fired rounds of bullets in the air in protest as they express their unhappiness.

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