Dubai Ruler Ordered to Pay £500m to Ex-Wife in Divorce Settlement

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoun has been ordered by a UK court to pay his ex-wife a whopping £500 million.

The payment is to serve as a divorce settlement to the daughter of the late king of Jordan, Princess Haya and her two children.

The court on Tuesday upheld that the payment of that magnitude is important to protect the wife and children from alleged threats from the ruler himself and also against other external threats due to their status.

According to the Guadian UK, “the Judge, Philip Moor, said the family needed “water-tight security,” and that “absolutely uniquely,” the main threat to them came from Sheikh Mohammed, rather than outside sources.”

The Judge ordered that the sheikh should pay over £250 million upfront to Haya and provide a bank guarantee of £290 million for annual payments.

He went ahead to say: “I am entirely satisfied that this means that, although HRH (her royal highness Haya) and the children would require security provision in any event, given their status and the general threats of terrorism and kidnap faced in such circumstances, they are particularly vulnerable and need water-tight security to ensure their continued safety and security in this country.”

“Most importantly in this regard, and absolutely uniquely, the main threat they face is from HH (his highness the sheikh) himself not from outside sources. This is compounded by the full weight of the state that he has available to him as seen by his ability to make use of the Pegasus software, which is only available to governments.”

The court also ordered that Haya’s lifetime security costs should be paid upfront rather than annually.

She is also to receive £83 million every year to cover for household spending and another £9 million per anum allowance and including ad hoc gifts while she is in Dubai.

Princess Haya, who is 47, fled in 2019 to the United Kingdom, and then through the British court she has sought the custody of her two children.

Haya’s reason for leaving the Dubai ruler is because she is “terrified” of him, for allegedly forcing the return of his two daughters back to the Gulf emirate.

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