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Finally NASA has found water on the Moon

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Finally NASA has found water on the Moon

NASA has in a recent report detailed their discovery of water on the Sunlit part of the Moon, according to the Agency, it already has an idea that there was water or hydroxyl on the Moon from previous missions.

However, they have really not been sure to distinguish between the two liquids. Also they weren’t expecting that water could be found on the sunlit parts of the Moon because they thought it would evaporate, but the reverse seems to be the case.

So their next mission process would be to further understand the dynamics that makes it possible and also how the water can be harnessed for other parts of space exploration.

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Since then, numerous missions, including Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, LADEE, and LCROSS, have detected OH/H2O in some of the Moon’s darkest regions, craters at the poles that never see sunlight. These areas are so cold that water in them can’t evaporate

This discovery challenges our understanding of how water behaves on the Moon. We thought that the water on the sunlit part of the Moon would have evaporated – but we found it! Now we must dig into how this water is created and how it persists.

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