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Timothy ray Brown (54) popularly known as “The Berlin Patient” is the first man known to have been cured of HIV Infection.

He was working as a translator back in Berlin in the 90s when he learned that he had contracted HIV. In 2006, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Brown’s cure was made possible through a transplant in Germany from a donor with natural resistance for the AIDS virus.

Donors for this type of case are very rare and transplants too are risky, because doctors have to destroy the patient’s diseased immune system first with chemotherapy and radiation, before they will now transplant the donor’s cells and hope that they develop into a new immune system for the recipient. (No guarantees)

His first transplant in 2007 was not completely successful: although the HIV seemed to have disappeared but the leukemia was not and so he had to do a second transplant from the same donor again in 2008, and this time it all went well and he was cured.

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At the time the treatment was thought to have cure Browns HIV and Leukemia which he was diagnosed of In 2006, which it supposedly did, because he was tested severally over periods of time and the result was always returning negative showing no sign of HIV or Leukemia.

HIV - test

He is now seen as an ambassador for hope for the cure of HIV and he has been attending conferences and making himself available for different sample collection by researcher who are working to develop a cure for HIV.

However, in a recent interview he had revealed that he is terminally ill from a recurrence of the cancer that prompter his earlier treatment 12 years ago.

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He had remarked that “ I’m still glad that I had it, it opened doors that weren’t there before and inspired scientists to work harder to find a cure, which many had begun to think was not possible.

Adam Castillejo who is also known as ‘The London Patient’ is also believed to have been cured by transplants similar to that of Timothy Brown in 2016.

I really do hope that the researchers get a good result soonest… it is possible!

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