Gnazhee Y2K Brand New 2022 Black Gothic White Fashion Black Pink Rivets Crossbody Shoulder Bags Purse Women Underarm Bags

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Price: 66.58 - 39.95

——version of Crocodile pattern with rivets—-
size: 26cm or 33cm
color: pink, gold, silver, black,white

—-Style 2—-With Rhinestone rivets

size :26cm


light blue denim,dark blue denim, black demin,white denim,

Crocodile pattern wine, Crocodile pattern pink, Crocodile pattern black,

Crocodile pattern white,Crocodile pattern green

the following are real pictures:

—–the version of Rivet decoration with rhinestones—-

size: 26cm

color: denim blue,denim pink, sakura pink, metal pink,white,black.

—–the version of genuine leather. size 26cm——

color: black, pink, gold, silver, green, white

there are real pictures of the genuine leather:

——–the version of full rhinestones. size 26cm——

the real pictures of the rosyred: