Gov’t Announces State of Emergency over 10,000 Protesters march in Bangkok to remove Gen Prayut

prayut chan-o-cha

At least three protest leaders have been arrested as about 10,000 Pro democracy protesters marched in Bangkok on Wednesday flashing the three-fingers salute as they gather outside Government House.

The protest movement is aimed to remove Gen Prayut, who took powers in a 2014 coup in a bid to end a decade of violence between supporters and opponents of the country’s establishment, but he seems to have lost favours from the citizens.

Mean while the Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had earlier made it clear that he was going no where after he failed to fully recite the full oath of office before his Majesty the King.

The protesters’ on the streets are demanding for a new constitution and are also calling for reform of the monarchy.

Bangkok Protesters

The government had initially banned gatherings of five or more people and also the publication of news or online messages that could harm national security, this was done under an emergency decree to end Bangkok street protests.

Protests have continuously escalated for three months and the protesters are setting up camp outside Government House to demand for his resignation.

Mean while the state television had announced that “It is extremely necessary to introduce an urgent measure to end this situation effectively and promptly to maintain peace and order,”

According to bangkok post, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights said that three protest leaders had been arrested. It named them as Parit Chirawat, human rights lawyer Arnon Nampha and Panupong Jadnok.

It said Mr Arnon had been arrested on charges related to a speech he gave in Chiang Mai. It said it did not know the grounds for the other arrests.

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