Gujarati Judge passes judgement through a YouTube livestream

Judge Livestreams judgement through a YouTube livestream

A court in Gujarati announced that it will be carring out a virtual proceedings.

The livestream proceedings was said to have started from Chief Justice Vikram Nath’s courtroom.

However, the proceedings is said to be purely on an experimental basis.

The link for the livestream has been made available on the Gujarati High Court’s YouTube channel.

This process is going to usher a new strategy for the court to continue to deliver on its job of Justice for all even in the face of the pandemic.

The Coronavirus has had a major impact on how day to day activities are carried out around the world and India is not an exception as the country has continued to experience it own difficulties due to the pandemic.

Taking courtroom proceedings online is going to ensure the cases are continually treated as need be and not be delayed due to lockdowns and social distance.

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