How to Make Money on Facebook and Through Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook and Through Facebook
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To make money on Facebook is easy, if you have been posting free pictures or videos on Facebook, it is most likely that you have been leaving money on the table, you will be shocked.

*** For this post I will be using Facebook and Meta interchangingly.

You can also call this post, “How To Make Money On Meta and Through Meta”

This is because while you are busy taking selfies and posting random videos on Meta mindlessly just for the few likes and comments you could have been making some Wi-Fi bread and like a lot of people, making enough money to pay for your mobile network and time.

Being intentional with your actions is the word here, don’t just post – post with the end result in mind.

There are various methods through which you can monetize your contents on Meta.  You could either do it the Meta company way (by placing Ads on your videos or through Fan subscription) or you could do it your way by becoming an influencer or just simply being a strategic business person (I will elaborate on this later).

Meta Company Monetization methods includes:

In-stream ads

First let’s talk about how to make money on Meta through in-stream ads. Because the Fan subscription is only by invitation so let’s leave it out.

For you to be able to place ads on your videos you have to apply to Meta first and if you meet the requirements as a creator then you will be approved for monetization.

However, the truth is that it takes a long time and with a lot of effort to have the right content and this has to do with having videos that are up to three minutes long and of high quality that people will like to watch because if you don’t have good amount of views then it is not even worth it to apply for monetization.

So, if you already have good contents on the Meta platform you can quickly check if you are qualified for the partnership program or if you still have to work on your contents to get approved.

To check your eligibility

  • Go to the Facebook section in Creator Studio.
  • Click Monetization.
  • From the Overview section, use the Page picker at the top of your screen to choose the Pages that you want to see monetization information about.

Now, let’s talk more about some technicality for getting approved for Monetization.

For you to get approved so that you can make money on Meta you must publish videos from a Meta page and not a personal profile.

If you have a personal profile with great contents already don’t worry I all you have to do is convert it to a page, you can learn how to convert your personal profile to a Facebook page and also you can learn about video template for pages to help you get approved.

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Getting approved is one thing, you must also be able to stay approved else you lose your monetization.

To ensure this you have to have 30,000+ 1-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long in the last 60 days, this will enable Meta determine your eligibility for approval and if you will be successful with the in-stream ads.

More so, the page in which you are seeking to monetize must have at least 10,000 followers, this happens to be much bigger a number than for YouTube and finally the page has to be from an eligible country and with an eligible language.


Another method of earning from Facebook is through gaming, if you love gaming, then you too can make money on Facebook with ease, Gaming creators have opportunities to earn through fan stars.

Facebook stars allows game viewers to send stars and messages to their favorite livestream gamers.

facebook star1

Click on the star icon and choose what star to get. When a Viewer sends a Star, Facebook pays the creator $0.01 USD per Star.

If a Gaming Creator meets the eligibility for Star monetization, they can be able to set up their payment account on the streamers Dashboard so they can track how many Stars they receive.

Another method to make money through Facebook is through Fan Subscription, this feature is similar to Twitch Subscribers or YouTube Members.

Facebook Fans make monthly payments to support the creator and in return they get to unlock some capabilities that other do not have.

This includes them getting a chance to receive a shout-out from the gamer, having a supporter’s badge, custom chat stickers and also additional exclusive contents like videos, chat rooms and giveaways and other things.

Steps to Make Money Outside the Facebook Monetization.

If you are like me, and you are not able to get the Facebook approval on time, then you may want to skip the Facebook page video method and work on with other method.

You can earn as much money as you can think of through a Facebook page, only this time you don’t need any Facebook approval.

First, you have to create a page if you don’t already have one or simply convert your personal profile to a page like I explained earlier.

I will like to break down the process into actionable steps so it can be easy for you or the friends you will share the post with.

1: Find a niche

It’s important like I said earlier that you have to be intentional from the get go that you intend to monetize your page, because that will enable you to do the necessary things for a quick result.

Decide on the niche, say Affiliate marketing or something else you like and that you are comfortable with, because this will ensure that you stay focused and motivated in the long run.

If you have real interest in the niche, it will become much easy for you to come up with creative ideas that will keep your followers engaged and to buy into your deal, if for example you are into affiliate marketing and you post product links from Amazon, Click bank, JV Zoo, Flipkart etc).

It’s also very important that you treat your followers like the fans that they are by making sure you only post trustworthy products and not any junk you see just because you want to make money.

Because, if they sense that you don’t respect them and continually give them bad products, they will stop responding to your offers and you would have lost not just a customer base but also fans.

2: Publish contents always

Start publishing content on your page always so as to keep your followers engaged and always encourage them to share it after reading or watching to be able to inspire others to follow the page.

Meta in its algorithm always tries to hamper the organic reach of posts that are not boosted, and this is to encourage people to boost their posts so that the company can make money.

But to beat the algorithm as we like to call it, you may have to post more frequently and also make sure that the contents are engaging so that it can be shared for a wider reach.

If you happen not to always have the time to post, then I will recommend that you make use of scheduling apps like Buffer, I use it a lot myself or Hootsuite.

3. Sell products on Facebook Offers

You can use make an offer feature to make money on Facebook by selling products.

Just navigate to the Offer icon on your Facebook, you can do this on your phone. The Offer section gives you the chance to post products that you want to sell or products that you are promoting as an affiliate, you can indicate if the product is available for pickup physically or if everything is going to be online through your affiliate partners website.

The Facebook Make an Offer feature is incredibly nice, because you can offer discounts to your potential customers and set a timer on the offer so that the discount can stop running after a particular period that you have chosen.

4. Sell on Facebook Market Place

Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange where users can buy and sell new and pre-owned items to other users.

Anyone can list products or services for sale and gain access to a local audience.

As a user, you can browse the whole Marketplace, and be able to go directly to the stores that you like.

If you list your products on the marketplace and someone wants to make a purchase, it is usually done through Messenger.

This is a great feature which gives the sellers a great opportunity to meet their buyers and also to possibly upsell them on other items and be able to answer the questions of the buyer thereby developing a better relationship in the process that will possibly lead to a repeat sale.

However, even though you are able to relate with the customer on messenger, when it’s time to collect money the payment will be processed by whatever payment processor you have chosen.

5. Become an influencer

Becoming an influencer is a word that has been made very popular through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and the others.

It is important to note that Meta still holds a lot of water when it comes to active usage thereby making it an invaluable force in the social media space.

Becoming an influencer is actually simple, but it requires dedication and commitment, because really, it’s not just about having a large number of followings but rather about having the right people following you.

That is why as an influencer it is important that you be known for a certain niche, it makes you very credible and a reliable source of information.

Thus, when you endorse or promote a product your followers will not in any way doubt that the product is not what you said it is and so the conversation rate will always be very high compared to someone who doesn’t stand for anything and promotes any product that comes their way.

To build your status as an influencer, you have to stand for something, talk about a certain thing, post regularly and very importantly you have to engage with your fans always because that’s how the trust will be built quickly.

Of course, as an influencer you make money on Meta (Facebook) by promoting products and the amount you will earn depends on you. You are the Boss and will determine what you want to charge per post.

6. Make Money Selling Facebook Pages/Group

Selling of Mata pages or groups is not what a lot of people know is possible.

Like I mentioned earlier, you have to be intentional about it when you set out to create a group or page that you intend to monetize later in the future.

Pick a niche that you think you can grow very fast, fill it up with great content by posting regularly, in this case you may not necessarily engage with the followers very much since you intend to sell it off later, so that they don’t get used to your personality.

When you are able to build it up to a good number of following say 10k to 20k you can then flip it to someone else and start another one.

I know you might be thinking, if I could do that easily why can’t the buyer also do the same?

But the truth is that not everyone has the time to be on social media, they will gladly take advantage of the following after you must have built it but they just can’t do it and also,

It is only natural that a lot of people will know how to do something but they just won’t do it because maybe they feel it’s stressful or they are just lazy.

Just like you reading this post; what is the guarantee that you will do it (maybe 20/100) you could finish reading and be like yeah yeah I could do it but then you will keep postponing it until you will never do it.

Finally, this is where I will be stopping for this one, of course there are still more I will like to talk about but let’s take it a step at a time, go put this to use and leave me a comment below about your experience.

Please check out other interesting post, you will enjoy them I promise!

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