Illinois Shootout leaves 4 people injured and 2 suspects on the run

Manhunt continues this Friday for the two suspects of a shopping mall shooting who are currently at-large.

The police has released the photo of the two suspects that left at least four people wounded in a mall shooting.

According the police the gunfire has left many Christmas shopper at the Oakbrook center mall in Oak Brook, Illinois running for their lives.

Chief James Kruger the Oak Brook Police chief said that the shooting occurred just before 6p.m around the Nordstrom department store.

So far, the authorities has described the incident as a shootout between two people.

The police chief told FOX 32 of Chicago that: “We believe that two individuals that were known to each other shot at each other, and potentially three would have been struck by gunfire either directly or by ricochet,”

According to Kruger, “an Oak Brook police officer working a detail at Nordstrom overheard the gunshots and radioed authorities. Both suspects ran into the Nordstrom in an attempt to flee.”

The victims of the shootout are four people who sustained gunshots injuries, while the fifth person only sustained an ankle injury as he was trying to fly the scene.

The police believes that one of the four people who sustained gunshots injury is also an offender.

Although the mall is now locked down for further investigations, the police SWAT team is still going round every store looking for any other possible offender.

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