Islamic Police Hisbah destroys alcohol worth over 200 million

Islamic police

Islamic Police also known as Hisbah has on Sunday Nov 8. destroyed alcohol worth about N200 million in Kano State Nigeria.

The Hisbah board in its latest raid claimed to have confiscated about 1,975,000 bottles of beer that was estimated to be worth over N200 million within the State.

The Governor of the state Abdullahi umar Ganduje, who was represented by his deputy hailed the activities of Hisbah and assured them that the state government was proud of the activities and will be reviewing the remuneration of the officers for salary increase in the coming months.

The Governor noted that the consumption of beer and other intoxicants that distort mental capabilities are forbidden in Islam and thus, it was banned in the state.

The Hisbah board was established to cub the evil societal acts in the state.

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