Japanese Princess stripped of title for marrying a commoner


Japanese royal to be stripped of title for marrying a commoner.

The news have it that a Japanese royal Princess Mako is set to marry a commoner Kei Komuro.

There has been a controversial turn of event since this proposal came to the limelight back in 2017, however, the supposed wedding was postponed due to what was termed as them been immature and “lack of preparation.”

However, the wedding proposal has been reactivated again this year and we are hoping that it will go through this time, only on one more condition.

According to the Japanese extant law, when a princess decides to marry a commoner, she will be required to pay a one-off sum of 150 million yuen ($1.35 million)to the royal house before they can let her go and also she will be stripped of her royal rights as a princess.

Following the Japanese tradition, only a prince can have a shot at the throne, and also a prince can marry a commoner without any implications (this has actually happened before in the past).

However, the Japanese state is set to let the princess forego the payment for giving up her royal status to wed a college classmate, local media said on Saturday said, thus making way for the marriage to now proceed.

The Princess who is a 29-year-old granddaughter of then-Emperor Akihito and her former college classmate, Kei Komuro, works in law firm, and they plan on living in the United after their marriage.

NHK said the wedding date may be announced in October.

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