Joe Biden Crisis Task Force names has been released

The President-Elect Joe Biden and his vice Kamala Harris has in a recent announcement released names of the members of their Crisis Task Force.

This is in preparation for a strategy to combat the novel Coronavirus that has claimed hundreds of thousands of life in the US alone and Millions around the world.

During his campaign he has repeatedly stated that he will listen to the counsel of the science experts on the way to tackle what has now become a pandemic.

His proposes approach to the disease gained him a lot of followers, even for the fact that he was also putting on a mask during his campaigns.

However, President Trump has been criticized severally for not wearing mask and not listening to the supposed experts.

Biden in a statement noted that “Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is one of the most important battles our administration will face, and I will be informed by science and by experts.”

The task force is filled with diverse experts in health care, policy and management and will be co-chaired by:

Vivek H. Murthy, who previously served as surgeon general in the Obama administration.

David Kessler, who was Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and

Marcella Nunez-Smith, who is the associate dean for health equity research at the Yale School of Medicine and other advisory members.

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