Joe Biden is not going to Ban Fracking – Kamala Harris

Joe Biden is not going to Ban Fracking Sen. Kamala Harris reassures.

The recent presidential debate which is supposedly going to be the last one before the election, saw the issue of fracking being brought up again.

Repeatedly in the past, former Vice President Joe Biden has in numerous occasions talked about banning fracking in the states.

This has continued to get many negative comments from so many people, because that will mean a massive job loss.

Although as the elections drew nearer and the statements where used against him, he has since changed his approach and instead talka about finding a way to “work things out” and not to outrightly ban it.

During the debate the issue came up and he said he never said it and challenged Trump to put the video up on his website of where he ever said it.

Of course Trump wasn’t going to spare him, and so he did.

The video has since gotten millions of views and hasn’t been good for the democratic presidential hopeful Biden.

However, in a recent report Sen. Kamala Harris who is Biden’s running mate has refuted the idea of banning fracking and said that Joe Biden wasn’t going to do that.

What do you think of this?

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