Katie Perry an Australian Designer sues Katy Perry

katy perry

Katy Perry, 36, is being sued by an Australian fashion designer for alleged trademark infringement for selling clothing in Australia bearing her stage name, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Katie Jane Taylor is an Australian designer who sells clothing under her maiden name Katie Perry.

Katie was said to have launched a Federal Court proceedings against Katy back in October of 2019, with the claims the singer and a related company, Killer Queen LLC, is infringing her trademark, which she registered in Australia in 2008.

Federal Court Justice Brigitte Markovic had in a judgment on preliminary issues in April, noted that the singer had adopted the stage name Katy Perry in 2004 using “the short form of her own first name and her mother’s maiden name.”

However, Katie’s lawyer have alleged infringement across a wide range of goods, while saying his client “will not be giving evidence herself” and “we won’t have a live witness to cross-examine.”

Katy’s lawyer admits that her brand is “deceptively similar” to the Australian designer’s trademark, but have asserted that there is no infringement, saying the musician used her name in good faith, a defense under the Trade Marks Act.

Katy Perry’s defense have allege that the designer’s use of her trademark is “contrary to law” and is tantamount to a deceptive conduct and is meant to unlawfully pass off because consumers might believe Katy Perry is associated with the Australian designer’s clothing.

We will keep you updated on the proceedings are we get them.

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