Lady Criticized for depositing her money into her fiance’s bank account

A content creator on social media known as @lolo_daninja posted a video on TikTok with his fiancee talking about their financial strategy.

According to the fiancee (Zakiya Joseph), she has setup her account in such a way that it makes a deposit into her fiance’s bank account.

She said it make everything easy for them, so that they can have their money in one place and make all their experience from one place and also so that her fiance can easily invest the money.

However, she seems comfortable with the arrangements and that is why she decided to shear it, but a lot of users online are not happy with the arrangements.

Many have described her as being naive by trusting a man that is not even her husband yet.

Moreso, some people said she needs help and she should get out of the relationship already, what if the husband is using the money for something else other than what they agreed on.

Many also noted that in the event of a breakup, that the lady is going to suffer the most because she will suddenly realise that her finance is messed up.

watch the video and an advise from a divorce lawyer:

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