Man accused of forcibly converting and marrying 13-year-old girl has been arrested

Azhar Ali, 44, has been taken into police custody after he was accused of kidnapping, forcibly converting and marrying Aarzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Christian girl.

According to Aljazeera, he will be presented before the Sindh High Court in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on November 5.

Aarzoo, 13, has been taken into protective custody on Monday according to the authorities, pending further investigations.

The court who earlier on had accepted that the “marriage” was valid, after being told that Aarzoo was over 18 years of age and had converted to Islam, has now reversed it’s position after a birth certificate was presented by the parents showing that Aarzoo was just 13 years old.

The cases of child marriage is a big issue in Pakistan and many other Asian countries, Persecution had in an earlier post this year, reported that the Sindh High Court in Karachi ruled that men in Pakistan can marry underage girls as long as they have had their first period. 

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