Man claims to wash an airplane by hands – explains where to start

Man wants to wash an airplane with hands – says he will start from the tyres.

A video of a man has gotten some mixed reactions online after he says he can wash an airplane by himself with his hands.

In the video he said to start the job , he will first wash the three tyres and then progress to the wings before moving to the rest of the body.

When asked about the engine, he said he will cover it with a nylon to prevent water from entry before washing it.

Well, funny as it may sound, the man seems to be serious about his claims that he will do it, something that many have termed “sad and funny” but it’s still part of the hustle.

This situation is not uncommon in Nigeria and some other countries and regions where the unemployment rate is high as people are willing to undertake different unimaginable tasks just to make a living.

It’s a common site to see people washing big Trucks by hands without a pressure washer and even sweeping the express-way by hands with small brooms when there are machines for the jobs in other countries.

Just couple of months ago a video clip was also seen of people pushing an aeroplane.

What’s your take on this?

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