Meet the beautiful Covid-19 vaccine trials volunteer


Coronavirus has rocked the world in a way that was never anticipated and is now leading to massive effort towards the Covid-19 vaccine trials.

Countries and individuals have been affcted in various ways, and more are still be affected.

It is for this, that it is necessary for a vaccine to be developed and developed fast.

As many research labs are in their third phase of the vaccine development , it is now at a point where human trials has become necessary.

Even though many have been infected and some even lost their lives because of the disease, some people have genuinely shown interest to be volunteers as human trials for the yet to be approved vaccines.

CNN reports that tens of thousands of people have signed up to a campaign by a group called 1 Day Sooner to take an experimental vaccine candidate and then face coronavirus in a controlled setting.

Among the volunteers is Estefania Hildado, who is a photography student in Bristol, England, who works at a gas station to pay her bills.

According to the 32 years old “No one should be left behind, Old people, poor people, people of color. Everyone just deserves to be healthy.”

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