North Korea bans smoking in public places citing health reasons

North Korea bans smoking in public places citing health reasons.

The North Korea’s Supreme people assembly has in its latest efforts to promote good health place a ban on smoking in some public places.

This bid is said to be important because it is going to provide people with “Hygienic Living Environment”

This move is going to be a strategy to tightening the control on the production and sales of the product in the country.

The implementation of this new ban, hopeful will reduce the smoking rate and maybe even discourage many from keeping the habit.

According to the 2013 WHO statistics, NK is said to have about 43.9% almost half of the male population indulging in the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Ciggarette smoking complications as has been declared over the years is one of the chief causes of death.

This important issue has lead to compulsory information printed on many cigarette packs, warning people that Smokers are likely to die young.

However, even with all the warnings people still indulge in the habit, mostly because it’s very addictive and requires a lot of will power or therapy to be able to give it up.

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