North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Apologizes for killing 1 South Korean man

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North Korean Leader Chairman Kim Jong Un as he is popularly called has in a recent statement to the south Korean leader apologized for the killing of a South Korean man.

Earlier after the incident occurred the South Korean President Moon Jae-in had written a letter to Kim demanding a full report on the incident and also an apology to the South Korea people.

The chairman replied to the request and wrote back within four days.

Kim Jong Un _ North Korea Leader

According to NPR, the statement which was read by South Korean National Security Office Director Suh Hoon in Seoul, had it that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was sorry for the shooting and death of a South Korean fisheries official in waters near the two countries’ maritime border, it also read;

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“Chairman Kim Jong Un said to convey that he feels deeply sorry for giving President Moon Jae-in and the people of South Korea a huge sense of disappointment due to the unintended, unfortunate incident in our waters, especially when the South Korean people are struggling under the threat of the coronavirus,”

The statement explained that the North Korean soldier responded to a report of an unidentified man found floating on the North Koreans waters and on interrogating him, he told them that he was from South Korea, but they said on asking other questions he failed to answer but instead made attempt to flee and “At the boat captain’s decision, soldiers shot about a dozen rounds at the intruder,” the statement read.

After shooting him the soldier approached the place and saw blood on the water but no body was found “Our soldiers concluded that the intruder had been killed, and burned the buoy he was on in the sea, in compliance with the national emergency quarantine protocols,” the statement read.

Even though this was from Kim’s response, some South Koreans believe that the body of the man was also burned.

The two leaders may be showing some kind of understanding between themselves which is supposed to be a good thing as regards the relations between the two neighboring countries which hasn’t been any glamorous of late.

However some think thank seems to believe that Kim is playing it cool because he is trying to see who will win the coming US presidential elections between president Trump and Biden, if the next president happens to be someone that can be engaged with diplomatically to ease the sanctions on North Korea and of course in regards to the nuclear deals too, then North Korea may likely make a move through the south Korean leader.

What do you think?

I definately think that we need some peace.

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