Pastor Sam Adeyemi describes why German mentality is the best

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the leading pastor of popular Nigerian church called Daystar Christian Center.

The pastor is known to be very eloquent in the teachings of leadership and he is demonstrayong this quality through his Daystar Academy.

Pastor Sam is know to champion the dream of a new Nigeria #NewNigeria and his constant positive expressions and expectations of a better future has endeared him to many.

Contrary to what other religious leaders thought during the EndSARS period, he was very outspoken and full of encourage for the Nigerian Youths.

The Youths where at the forefront of the protest against SARS and Police Brutality and there massages where promulgated online through social media with the trending hashtags: #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality

He is an author and has written quite interesting books on leadership, one you should probably get for yourself if you haven’t already.

In a recent tweeter post he described what he he said was his friends experience with a German tiler.

Read below:

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