Playboy sues Fashion Nova for trademark infringement on Bunny Costume

playboy costume

Playboy is suing Fashion Nova for trademark infringement on one of its costume.

Fashion Nova, the popular social media fashion retailer is under a legal suit for what Playboy called “an attempt to piggyback off the popularity and renown of Playboy’s iconic bunny costume”

This suit is coming in wake of Playboy noticing that Fashion Nova is rolling out new bunny costumes for the Halloween.

According to TMZ, Playboy says that Fashion Nova completely ripped off its iconic costume — which includes cuffs, collar, bowtie, corset, ribbon name tag, bunny ears and tail — and is selling them as Halloween costumes on its website.

Also Fashion Nova went on to use the description “Bunny of the Month” which Playboy says is a clear reference to its Playmate of the Month trademark.

Playboy in the lawsuit says it sent Fashion Nova a cease and desist, but the fashion brand has refused to respond, but continued to sell the costumes.

So playboy is suing for for trademark infringement and wants a judge to shut down all sales of Fashion Nova’s bunny costume.

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