President: Shoot To Kill Smugglers?

President: Shoot To Kill Smugglers? … he really sounded desperately in need to rid the country of illegal drugs.

There has been a controversial issue about the way the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is handling the drug issues in his country.

He has been quoted to have instructed the Bureau of Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero to shoot to kill drug smugglers.

His threats are open and unapologetic although he has consistently denied authorizing extrajudicial killings but has repeatedly and openly threatened drug dealers with death.

President Duterte had said that “Drug is still flowing inside the country through customs,”

Even though he had earlier approved Guerrero’s request for firearms, saying “I approved the purchase of firearms and until now you haven’t killed even one? I told him, ‘Shape up.’”

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“I told him straight, ’Drugs is still flowing in. I’d like you to kill there … anyway, I’ll back you up and you won’t get jailed. If it’s drugs, you shoot and kill. That’s the arrangement,” Duterte said without elaborating.

It is gathered that over 5,700 drug suspects have been killed so far under the administration’s anti-drug crackdown.

Various human right groups has however alleged that some of the scenes of the killed suspects had been altered to make it look like the suspects actually had firearms with which they were attacking the law enforcement agents.

Surprisingly even with all the threats and crackdowns, as at 2018 two large shipments of illegal drugs slipped past the custom agency through the port of Manila.

This had lead to the corruption plagued customs bureau been placed temporarily under military control.

What’s your take on the president’s Shoot To Kill strategy, do you think it is too harsh or is it a good punishment for the offenders even though we have seen that they don’t mind loosing their lives!

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