Researchers discover a lost river of 172,000 years

Researchers discover a lost river of 172,000 years.

According to Shortpedia, researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Science for Human History in Germany, Anna University in Tamil Nadu and IISER Kolkata made the discovery.

They discovered that the river existed 172,000 years ago in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and according to the evidence the said river ran through the Thar Desert.

Discoveries like this are said to be important because they can be helpful in predicting climate change effects and how to possibly control it.

Climate change has been a burning issue of discussion among world leaders for many years, as it has continuously lead to many disasters.

The Ocean levels are rising due to the melting of polar ice, thereby leading to flooding in various areas.

Just this year alone there has been several cases of wildfire in different parts of the world, in California, the Amazon forest and also Australia.

If the climate change is not controlled it will continue to lead to more cases of wildfire, increasing Ocean levels as a result of melting polar ice and also the consequent drying out of smaller water bodies due to hot weather.

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