See the leading affected countries as COVID-19 deaths surpasses 1 million

COVID-19 deaths has now surpassed 1,000,000 world wide according to researchers, this is coming ten months after the news of the virus emerged in Wuhan China and going on to cause a massive shift in the way we now live our lives.

According to a tally by Johns Hopkins University the death toll is now about 1,000,555.

US, India and Brazil has been noted to make up nearly half of the total figure.

With over 32 million confirmed cases worldwide and spread in 188 country, this has been a defining time’s in the world, as many countries economy has deeped into recession and many businesses going under.

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The race for a vaccine is the top of the agenda for every major medical research body, even though World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that the death toll could hit 2 million before a vaccine will be widely available.

The number of death cases in India (95,500) is catching up with that of Brazil (141,700) which is far behind the US ( 205,000).

In the US alone over seven million cases have been recorded, and there is a growing concern that that figure will shoot up, as some places are beginning to open up and people are beginning to physical interface with each other more.

Although the use of face mask is now becoming a thing of must, and those not putting on one are being arrested in some states, it still doesn’t total stop the number of cases from going up.

Vaccine is hailed to be the relief measure that people are waiting for, with the company’s like Pfizer saying that a positive results for the vaccine in October

US saying that a trial could be started in October.

Russia and China however, seems to have developed vaccines and beginning to put them to trial, but experts are still questioning the efficacy and authenticity of the said vaccines given that health researcher have in the past said that it could take up to 18 months to get one.

Will the Russian and Chinese COVID-19 vaccines be effective? only time will tell.

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