Shocking as Bill Gates buys Elon Musk’s Open Ai Company GPT-3

Bill Gates buys Elon Musk’s Open Ai Company GPT-3

Shocking as Bill Gates buys Elon Musk’s Open Ai Company GPT-3, what could this mean?

This development is very interesting because contrary to what we have seen online recently about the rift between Bill Gates and Elon Musk especially in the recent Gates Notes publishing where Gates while writing about the future of clean energy and electric/hybrid cars, he omitted Tesla who is supposed to be a pioneering brand in the field.

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Bill gates also recently bought himself a Porsche Tycan which is a Porsche version of the electric car and this got people saying that he doesn’t like Elon and his Tesla brand.

Elon musk while commenting on the negative views that Bill had expressed about Tesla said that he (Bill) has no clue.

But surprisingly we are seeing collaborations between the companies of the two tech tycoons, it was really shocking to see Bill Gates Microsoft buy Elon Musk’s Open Ai Company GPT-3.

While in the past Microsoft has lent it Azure Cloud computing resources to Open AI which is an artificial intelligence firm of Elon Musk for the training of its many models, this time around Microsoft is buying an exclusive license for GPT-3 which is supposedly the largest Artificial Intelligence language model ever created so far.

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This brings one to say that we need more collabs and not fights like that between Fortnite with apple and google.

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