Tesla: Model Y acceleration boost upgrade for $2,000

tesla model y

Tesla and Elon Musk has mastered the act of making money of its EV customers after they’ve already made money off them.

Ok let me explain incase you still don’t get it.

Tesla has a way of including great features in the cars, but at the same time locking down the features with their software.

So by doing that you will not be able to access those features only a later time when they decide it is time to unveil it, and  guess what? It aint free.

In one of those strategies, it is now making it possible to boost you Model Y acceleration for $2000.

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However, the beauty of the strategy is that by holding back those key features, they are able to sell out their cars faster at low and affordable prices, and then later they will swing in and make up for the loose 

And no, no further hardware will be install on your car, its just a software upgrade!

Well some car DIY guys have been trying to hack the software in various ways, some do success  why others don’t , at least now we know that there is a gold mine locked behind the Tesla proprietary Software.

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