Tesla: See how to play games on Tesla cars and the list of games available

Many people still don’t know how to play games on Tesla vehicles.

Tesla in its drive to make the brand the most fun car to drive, is looking for ways to make the vehicles very entertaining among of which is making it possible for people to play video games on-board the cars.

This quest led to the introduction of the Tesla arcade games on the EVs.

Now you can play video games on your Tesla using your steering wheel.

And because this concept is still at its early stages the auto maker is still in search for competent game developers to help drive this innovative idea.

If you are a game developer and love to help Tesla make this innovative idea become very robust and reliable, maybe it’s time you joined the team, here is one of its postings

The gaming experience is made available through the in-car touch screen console and can be controlled with the steering wheel.

How to play games on Tesla?

One way is to go through the “easter egg” menu. Tap on the Tesla logo at the top of the center console screen.

This will provide you with a menu that has lots of “hidden” tricks for the car.

Tap on games to see all the games currently available for you to play.

Another method is that on a Model 3, use the up arrow next to the music icon to open a menu of apps. You will find Arcade listed on the far right, tap on it to explore all available games for you to play.

Here is the list of games on Tesla vehicles that you should look out for;

Super Breakout
Missile Command
Fallout Shelter
Lunar Lander
Beach Buggy Racing 2

Happy gaming, Tesla owners.

Originally posted on January 1, 2021 @ 2:43 pm

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