Thailand protests still not over even after 3 months

thailand protesters

The Thailand protests is still very much going, the protesters are still not backing out even as the protest has been on now for three months.

Reuters reports that the protest is now taking a new shape.

Protesters are seeing to be making the hand gestures alone and it seems to be passing more massages of their displeasure with the government.

The coordination and support for each other at the protest ground is something else as helmets and other items are distributed for free.

This helmets and umbrellas are used by the protesters to shield themselves from the incessant water cannister fired at them by the law enforcements in a bid to disperse them.

Gov’t Announces State of Emergency over 10,000 Protesters march in Bangkok to remove Gen Prayut

The leader who have not indicated any interest in stepping down, has recently banned protest from holding around the country, but the protesters have remained defiant.

See a clip from Reuters

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