The UAE suspends flights from Nigeria and three African Countries for COVID reasons

The United Arab Emirates has once again suspended every incoming flights from Nigeria and also three other Countries in Africa.

This suspension toke effect from the 25th of December 2021.

The suspension notice was made public by the UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (GCAA).

According to the authority, the suspension has become very necessary because of the rapid spreading of the new variant of COVID-19 that is going out of control.

Omicron is so far become a COVID-19 variant that has the most infectious rate.

African Countries like Nigeria,Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia has been identified to have the most infection rate, with only Nigeria recording 2,123 cases on Tuesday alone.

Thus, the UAE have resorted to taking the hard measure of suspending incoming flights from this African Countries.

Moreso, if you are from any of this countries and you want to go through another country into the UAE, you will still be required to quarantine in that country for a couple of weeks.

However, flights are still allowed from the UAE to any of this countries.

According to the statement only “UAE nationals, their first degree relatives, diplomatic missions, official delegations between UAE and these countries and Golden residence holders are excluded from this decision.”

Also, any of this person’s is to show proof of a negative PCR test before been allowed into the Emirates.

Even so, they must present another test result after 10 days of  being in the country.

Even though the authorities say that the measure is to protect her citizens, but people still think that this turn of event may worsen the diplomatic ties between Nigeria and the UAE.

What do you think?

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