The World Food Programme has won the Nobel Peace Prize Awards

Nobel Peace Prize

The World Food Programme has won the Nobel Peace Prize awards on Friday, as it continues to get assistance for the worlds most dangerous and precarious places facing starvation.

The UN Rome-Based agency was recognized by the Norwegian Nobel Committee for its efforts at combatting hunger in regions facing conflicts and hardship, as this has been particularly very hard giving the coronavirus pandemic that has affected millions of people and communities around the world to the points of desertion.

In the peak of the program amidst the restrictions caused by the coronavirus lockdowns in different parts of the world, the World Food Program has continued to device methods of provide foods and other aids like drugs to the people that need them the most, from air-drooping food in south Sudan and Syria and to even creating an emergency delivery service that ensured that aids continued to get to the most hit communities.

Just last year alone , The World Food Programme provided assistance to almost 100 million people in 88 countries around the world.

The Agency estimates that about 690 million people suffer from some form of hunger in the world today.

The head of the organization David Beasley told The Associated Press upon receiving the good news, that his entire team deserved the award.

“I know I’m not deserving of an award like this, but all the men and women around the world in the World Food Program and our partners who put their lives on the line every day,”

The award comes with a gold medal and a 10-milion krona ($1.1 million) cash prize.

However, the WFP is said to have received almost $6.4 billion in cash or goods donations in 2020 alone, with more than a third, over $2.7 billion, coming from the United States.

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