This country has the largest number of Vending Machines in the world!

vending machine

This country has the largest number of Vending Machines in the world … guess what country!


There are over 5.5 million vending machines in Japan alone, making it an equivalent of one for every 23 persons, which is the highest ratio in the world.

Bad vending machines? … No not at all, infact they are so good and well maintained that they work throughout even in the most harshest of conditions.

At night these machines display vibrant beautiful colours which gives the environment where they are installed a striking display of sort.

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It is indeed a an attention grabber, to say the least. No wonder they appear to be very lucrative because they draw constant attention to theselves from those passing by.

The vending machines are so beautiful that it lead a photographer Eiji Ohashi to publish a book ‘Roadside Lights’ filled with beautiful vending machines in great locations around Japan.

Image Credit: Eiji Ohashi

I like the concept of vending machines because they supporsely make it very convinient for anyone to get refreshment on the go without having to hold your taste until you get to the next store.

What about you … what do think about them?

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