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Is there any method to check backlinks? You may be asking, especially if you are new to the SEO game: The answer is yes!

So, if you have been looking to find out about your website’s backlinks or of that of your competition, then this post is for you.

In this article I will be detailing all the things that you need to know about the different Paid and Free backlink checkers and also backlink generators that are available online.

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Backlinks as we know it has the ability to increase your websites search rankings, it can enable your websites to be indexed faster by search engines and also help improve referral traffic sources to your websites.

Without any waste of time, lets dive into the many backlink tools that we have out there;

1. Semrush

Semrush is a complete suite of SEO tools that has continued to grow with the addition of more extensive tools that can allow you to check backlink status more accurately.

The Semrush backlink checker is a powerful tool with which you can check the backlink of your website and even that of your competitor.

In addition to this, even if you wanted to, you can get a full report of comparison between your own website’s backlink and that of your competitions.

2. Mangools LinkMiner

Mangools Linkminer is a collection of 5 SEO tools for backlink analysis (Linkminer), keywords research, SERP analysis, rank tracking and SEO insights.

With Linkminer you can do a number of things amongst which is analyze some vital details of the backlinks based on categories (blogs, forums etc.) and other metrics.

With this tool you can preview the embedded websites easily, see the links strength and also be able to mark your favorite backlinks.

3. Ahrefs Free backlink checker

Although Ahrefs is a premium tool, you can still be able to perform a backlink check using their free tool. The tool offers an in-depth analysis of the backlink of any webpage or the domain entirely.

Ahrefs boosts of having the second most active web crawler after Google, which means it has the best backlink database in the industry, with over 404 billion pages indexed and 27 trillion internal backlinks.

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With the Ahrefs backlink checker you will be able to analyze; Anchor text distribution, dofollow and nofollow links, Domain rating and both new or lost backlinks.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides a unique feature for analyzing backlinks, with this feature you can track the activities of your backlinks by manually adding it or importing it, this bulk backlink checker can be enjoyed using the google search console. (Note: this is not a google backlink checker)

This tool is especially useful if you are looking to analyze the performance of a backlinks building campaigns.

5. Keywords Everywhere

Although Keywords Everywhere is a popular chrome extension that can be used to check for keywords, it now has the capability to also check backlinks for free.

This tool has the capability to check for up to 5000 backlinks to any domain or webpage, however, since this is a still a recently new feature you may not be able to check recent backlinks because their database is updated monthly.

6. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is a very popular tool that is especially liked by many content marketers because of its features.

Although it has both free and pro versions, the backlink checker is inside the pro version only for now and with this feature you can also be able to export your report in .csv format for further analysis.

7. Majestic SEO backlink checker

Majestic is a very popular backlink checker, it is a link building tool that has the capacity to help you find the top backlinks of any given website.

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This backlink checker boosts of having the biggest backlink database profile of any website and this is possible because of the fact that it has a link crawl history of over 2.5 trillion.

With the Majestic backlinks checker you can highlight mutual links between any two websites and also with the help of the Trust Flow feature, you can find out the quality of the links that are pointing to any webpage.

Furthermore, it also has a bulk backlink checker feature, where you can upload up to 1 million websites at once and get their backlinks metric easily.

8. Moz Link Explorer

The Moz link explorer is very popular because it has been around for a long period of time and with it you can compare backlinks between two or more domains concurrently.

With this tool you can check backlinks using the free version, but you will definitely get more value and details when you are on the paid version.

9. Linkody

The backlink checker Linkody is quite appreciated by SEO agencies and marketers, because it offers the ability to be able to manage and monitor your backlinks around the clock.

This feature is especially useful when you are analyzing your backlink building campaign effort and optimization for ranking on search engines.

10. RankWatch

Rankwatch is a good backlink checker to employ if you are looking for a free tool, this tool can help identify the quality of a link using a trust score.

With Rankwatch you can get the total number of backlinks of any website and also the number of referring domains to that website.

 It also has the capacity to give access to backlink acquisition trends and an in-dept backlink analysis like the anchor text, link types like; dofollow and nofollow.

11. OpenLinkProfiler

If you have been wondering, how can I check backlink for free? Well, I have something good for you. OpenLinkProfiler is a free backlink generator that will save you time and money and still give you good results.

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With this tool you have different options while checking for backlinks and this includes being able to get a detailed report or optimization of your blog/webpage.

With this backlink checker you can check the backlink to an entire website or just to a single page and also, be able to export it in .csv format for further analysis.

12. Ubbersuggest Free Backlink Checker

Ubbersuggest is one of the topmost SEO tools available online and it is also one of the best free backlink checker tools to analyze any website’s backlinks easily.

Amongst other common features of the tool which is the ability to identify any lost links of a website, you can also get access to up to 3 years’ worth of backlink history of any given website easily.

13. Seobility backlink checker

Seobility backlink checker is a popular tool that also offers the backlink analysis, this could be for a page or the entire domain.

The Seobility backlink checker provides a detailed profile and the link ratio of the follow and nofollow and also the referring domain number.

The tool is also able to calculate domain authority and shows the top backlinks to that particular page.

Other tools include;

14. Rank Signals

15. SEO Review Tools

16. Backlink watch

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